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Strawberry Wet Kitty Lube

Strawberry Wet Kitty Lube

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Strawberry Wet Kitty Lube is a blush transparent, fragrance-free potion magically formulated to provide superior vaginal moisture and long-lasting glide that mimics your natural nectars.

It is a certified-organic plant & water-based lubricant that acts as an aphrodisiac creating an experience like no other!

It enhances pleasure, naturally tightens, nourishes, and conditions the skin while maintaining its slippery glide all the way through your sexy time with you, your partner or your group. 

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Water, propylene glycol, Ginkgoextract, Elm extract, Cellulose, potassium sorbate

How to Use

Accumulate as much of the lubricant  as you’d like using the dropper top, then insert your desired amount into your vagina or anal minutes before sex to get best results. Be sure to thoroughly wash your dropper top once it’s been inserted. You can also drop your desired amount on your vaginal or anal area without inserting it. The Wet kitty is female and male friendly, compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms, and is toy friendly too.


Please be sure to store product in room temperature environment in order to maintain the consistency.

*Keep away from Children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Teriuna Myles

Never received my order

Lube is top tier! But be careful……

So I came to learn about this lube after my OB/GYN recommended it to me due to the quality, irritation free and non PH disrupting ingredients but YALL, I just found out I’m five weeks pregnant, so be careful! LOL

Fredricka Phelps

Strawberry Wet Kitty Lube (Back Instock)

Best 🍓 Lube 🫠

Definitely does what it says it does.. Will be placing another order. You won't regret it.. just be prepared for a slippery ride 🙃 💦.

Pamela Stewart

One word AWESOME